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My name is Patrick and I’m an energetic Geography teacher aiming to enhance the community feel in teaching. Everyone knows of an uncle, aunt or cousin that can tell a great story and there is something about simply listening for enjoyment. This podcast aims to go one step further and provide listeners with a categorized record of resources. Listeners can enjoy sequentially, or pick and choose the podcast that best suits their needs and interests. It is hoped that it will become the story telling uncle or aunt that delivers enjoyable meaningful content with a strong pedagogical purpose.¬†Collaboration has been a strong passion of mine ever since I started teaching almost ten (short) years ago and this passion stemmed from my love of team sports. With so many great ideas to share, this is my way of giving back and helping to enrich the pedagogy of others, and my own.

These short, clear, useful audio snippets encapsulate one element of mastery from one of the many key learning areas. There will also be a focus on bringing together library and support staff to shed light on how they can, and do, enhance the educational landscape.

With collaboration at the forefront of my thinking, it is about time teachers got some positive exposure for the wonderful teaching they already do.

I hope you get a lot out of it,



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