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Episode 3: A Trouble Shoot Guide to Tablets in the Classroom

Pedagogy Podcast Ep. 3

Luke: Trouble Shoot Guide to Tablets in the Classroom

Today we’re joined by Luke. Luke is an ICT guru and a Doctor Who enthusiast working as an ICT officer at a one to one tablet school.

What is the most common solution students overlook before visiting the tech department?

  • Prevention is better than a cure
  • Keep your tablet updated each day. Update and turn off every day. While slapping the lid closed and running off is a handy feature of the tablet this often leads to software update problems
  • Security and privacy software have regular updates and students need these
  • Develop a routine in the classroom to help establish good habits
  • By following a daily update routine if you are asked to update as a one off this should take seconds, not minutes

What is the most common problem that students come to you with within the first week of receiving their tablet?

  • Forgotten passwords are biggest problem
  • Select passwords that are easy to remember
  • Use phrases with standard sentence construction
  • A phrase is easier to remember and more logical to type
  • Check out this clip with Edward Snowden on the importance of passwords
  • The most common passwords list should be avoided when selecting a password


How can students/teachers prevent hardware malfunctions?

  • Use your tablet bag and keep it in good condition e.g. repair cracks and rips
  • Turn your tablet off before placing it into the bag. If it is only ‘sleeping’ the mouse may wake it up and make the device overheat
  • Promote respectful productive use of the tablet as a learning tool, not an accessory
  • The top left of the track pad (figure 1) will disable the track pad and a double tap will enable it
  • Restarting or disconnecting the monitor from the keyboard will usually fix thisCapture

How can teachers promote effective routines around backing up work?

  • Keep your work backed up automatically
  • A copy of your files on an external hard drive is not backing up
  • OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox are all useful for this
  • Some devices are more suitable to certain software e.g. android is more compatible with Google Drive
  • Watch this video to learn how to back up your personal work using google drive
  • Always check for errors in your hidden icons pop-up ribbon



Where can people go online for more help with their devices?

  • Start with a guided key word search in google
  • Paste the text from the error message into google and usually there will be a suitable resolution
  • YouTube videos also provide great visuals to support step by step solutions
  • Look up, Linus tech tips or I fix it for more details
  • Aim to understand the information behind the problems and this may give you confidence to explore the possibilities of technology



Thanks for listening and I hope you found this information helpful.